Green Propolis

From Taiwan

What is
Green Propolis ?

A substance composed of resins, balsams, beeswax, pollen, essential oils that collected by bees from various plants that used to seal cracks in the beehive that also acting as the natural antimicrobial.

Green propolis in Taiwan is rich in prenylflavanones that with potential radical scavengers.

Green Propolis can make many different types of dosage, like liquid, powder, capsule even cosmeceutical products.

Green Propolis
Our Unique Extraction Method

Three hydro-alcoholic extractions

Elimination resins and impurities

Remove ethanol

oncentrated extracts

Elimination waxes

final product

Under contract with the beekeeper in Taiwan to make sure the green propolis’ quality and the quantity

Our Services:  
1. Raw Material Wholesale
2. Private label